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01 November 2021

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Borough by Borough Report

01 November 2021
01 November 2021
10 August 2020

Is a residential rebound on the cards?

21 May 2020

How working from home may change the residential landscape 

22 April 2020

Discover the cost of living and other interesting comparisons between 39 of the most exciting cities worldwide in our 2020 report on the global property market.

22 November 2019

Regeneration can significantly improve an area and the quality of life for its residents. It helps enhance public realm, connectivity and local amenities. Transforming an area into a more desirable place to live, regeneration increases the demand for homes. As a result, the price growth of...

27 August 2019

CBRE has found that house price growth is higher than average for properties within 5-7 minutes' walk of a tube station. See how each line has performed and how this could affect your property.


12 August 2019

Here is how changes to Help to Buy in 2021 will impact the market.

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24 July 2019

CBRE Residential Research has looked into the Central London private rental market and noticed signs of increasing demand.

10 July 2019

‘What do people want their ideal homes to be like?’

11 June 2019

Between the refinement of Marylebone, the energy of Soho and the Bohemian feel of Bloomsbury lies the charming literary district of Fitzrovia. Within walking distance of London’s theatre district, boutique and department stores and some of the world’s most prestigious universities, Fitzrovia is a...

29 April 2019

The comparative costs of buying

29 April 2019

In European Cities

29 April 2019

Building up to accommodate population growth.

18 April 2019

Students are becoming increasingly mobile…

10 April 2019

Welcome to the fifth edition of our Global Living report, where we examine the housing markets in 35 global cities. They include the most exciting cities in the world, from emerging technology-driven powerhouses like Shenzhen and Bangkok and more traditional capital cities such as Rome and Lisbon,...

18 February 2019

Designed by the world-renowned architects, Foster + Partners, 250 City Road will create a new landmark in London.

18 February 2019

The second largest city in the UK, rich in history and scattered with hidden gems, Birmingham is a hub of culture and innovation. With influences from across the world, you can encounter anything from a English folk festival to Brazillian street art with a world of experiences in between. Divided...

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29 November 2018


Our annual Hot 100 report reveals the winners of London's residential market. By analysing the best performing boroughs in a number of categories, our report takes an in-depth look at the London housing market. Click on the blocks below to explore the lists.

19 September 2018

Use the interactive map to explore London borough by borough. Whether you are looking for average house prices, rental yields or the number of schools and restaurants, we have every corner of London covered.

03 April 2018

Explore each local authority to find out our five year house price and rental forecasts for that area.

09 February 2018

Our latest research has revealed that properties in central London close to world class amenities achieve a 52% price premium above the wider borough average.

Click on the boxes below to find out what premium is attached to living close to particular London landmarks.

08 November 2017

London has 33 very distinct boroughs, each with its own individual character, which attract a range of residents. In this, the third annual CBRE Borough by Borough report, we provide an overview of these boroughs from a housing market perspective. We look at a range of metrics that are of interest...

31 October 2017

Our latest research takes a fun look at the latest innovations set to revolutionise the residential world. When we think of innovation we generally think of technological advances. But this is just part of the equation; it also includes revolutionary design and new ways of doing familiar tasks. 

26 October 2017

The regeneration of Nine Elms is arguably one of the most important transformations this generation will witness. Developing this previously underused area of London will create a whole new vibrant destination. 

14 September 2017

Consumers are becoming increasingly discerning and searching for a more authentic and individual experience. Retailers, hoteliers and residential developers are responding with personalised and bespoke products. The trend is being embraced by hotels, with many global brands introducing ‘boutique’...

28 July 2017

A ‘green home’ is designed to be environmentally friendly and sustainable. The underlying design focusses on using as little water, energy resources and building materials as possible, and thereby creating a smaller impact on the environment.

10 July 2017

So far in 2017, the housing market has not been as strong than in previous years, with sales activity particularly muted. The good news is that first time buyers continue to be boosted by various Government initiatives and are at their highest level since 2008.

05 May 2017

Conventional wisdom suggests that property markets slow down in light of an upcoming general election. General elections are uncertain, and the property market doesn’t like uncertainty. However, we have found that property markets are, in fact, pretty resilient when faced with an election, with...

03 May 2017

Stable house price growth across all regions suggests a narrowing gap between growth rates; activity levels are maintaining consistent levels and the UK economy is ticking along nicely.

01 May 2017

One of the biggest factors for couples and young families when choosing a new home is the quality of nearby schools. Across the entire 33 boroughs of London there are currently 3,118 primary schools. In total 658 of these schools, equating to 21%, have been rated ‘outstanding’.

27 March 2017

Born between 1980 and 2000, millennials have come of age during a rapid period of technological advances and political change. Typically viewed as the generation who want it all, and want it now, millennials have been described as ambitious and self-confident with high expectations. But are these...

10 March 2017

Although the detail of the Government’s proposed ban on lettings fees isn’t yet clear, it will clearly impact the operating environment. It could feed through to higher landlord costs, which could feed through to rents. Alternatively, and more likely, letting agents may have to absorb the costs...

02 February 2017

A surprisingly strong end to the year as the economy continues to grow following the EU referendum result. The residential market is stable although overall transaction levels remain subdued.

24 January 2017

Wellness isn’t simply about avoiding the latest strain of flu that is going around, rather it is about striving towards ‘physical, mental and social wellbeing’. So while it’s imperative one gets enough physical exercise, to ensure overall wellbeing one needs to attend to other aspects of life.

18 January 2017

House prices are generally used as a proxy for an area’s desirability. Basic economics tells us that the higher the demand, the higher the price paid for it and the demand for a property in a commuter town will reflect a number of attributes. These include travel time and cost to London, quality of...

01 December 2016

After an interesting year for the Capital, we take a look at reasons why the world still loves London.

03 November 2016

Despite the impact of Brexit and additional Stamp Duty, buyer appetite remained strong in the third quarter. Specifically, investors remained highly active; an encouraging sign that they have not been discouraged by the additional 3% levy. With many high profile launches during Q3 helped drive...

02 November 2016

Three months on from the Brexit vote and economic conditions have markedly improved since any initial panic immediately after the vote. Official data is showing healthy indicators, sentiment is on the upturn and anecdotal evidence shows little to no effect on activity in the land and housing...

31 October 2016

This is CBRE’s second annual Borough by Borough showcase which gives a detailed analysis of each of London’s 33 boroughs.  We have outlined the local housing market for each borough and provided an overview of the individual characteristics which differentiate one borough from another. Using a...

24 October 2016

Throughout the course of Q3, we continued to see robust demand in the Midtown area with agreed residential sales totalling £54million and annual growth of 7% in average values.

18 October 2016

We all look for something different in a home; whether it is the number or size of bedrooms, the outside space, a large open-plan kitchen, dining or study room we seek, we all have different requirements. And that goes for the location as well. To most of us, location is important; whether that’s...

06 October 2016

Noted for its leafy garden squares, Regency architecture, and a pioneering grid of streets, Pimlico in London’s City of Westminster, is a small, largely residential area of central London. On the northern banks of the Thames, the central position of the area means it is an impeccably well-connected...

18 August 2016

With additional stamp duty coming into effect in April and the EU referendum in June, we thought we were in for a quiet quarter. In fact, we experienced the opposite, demonstrating just how resilient the London market, and specifically our patch, is.

17 August 2016

Over the last several decades East London has been completely transformed. It is now a highly desirable place to live and new infrastructure and industry continues to draw people to the area. As a result, this region of London is seeing a significant amount of development, with areas like Stratford...

15 August 2016

Strong market fundamentals remain, despite recent political events and, although some developers and builders appear to be taking a ‘wait and see’ attitude, others are progressing as usual. Forecast growth remains unchanged and current house price growth of 5.1% across the UK is an encouraging sign...

11 August 2016

Once considered only a place of work, the City is now more diverse and a desirable residential location; almost 1,000 new homes have been completed since 2009 and there are a further 740 currently under construction. The ability to live close to work is being realised as the quality of residential...

09 June 2016

Over the last several decades East London has been completely transformed. It is now a highly desirable place to live and new infrastructure and industry continues to draw people to the area. As a result, this region of London is seeing a significant amount of development, with areas like Stratford...

03 June 2016

This summer countries around Europe will battle on the football field for the Euro 2016 Championship. But who has been winning off the field with the greatest house price growth over the last five years?

18 May 2016

A round up of the CBRE Global research

17 May 2016

The wider London market remained robust throughout the first quarter of 2016, with Nationwide reporting annual price growth of 11.5%. This is broadly on a par with the average growth rates seen throughout 2015.

06 May 2016

How did the regional residential market perform in Q1 2016?

05 May 2016

Halifax have recently announced the introduction a new mortgage product with the cut off age of 80....

03 May 2016

On the fifth of May, we, the people of London, will vote to elect a new London Mayor. While many will be sad to see the ever-popular Boris Johnson retire into his well-earned “bucolic existence”, there are five main candidates competing to replace him. And the two front-runners, Zac Goldsmith and...

18 April 2016

The thriving international financial centres of Hong Kong, London and New York have long been the most desirable residential markets on the planet. 

08 April 2016

From the famous transformations of Covent Garden and Southbank to current day projects, regeneration has always been an important part of the ever-evolving London landscape.

31 March 2016

Synonymous with London’s thriving theatre district, bustling Soho is situated in central London within the prestigious borough of Westminster. 

09 March 2016

Crossrail is currently Europe’s largest infrastructure project and its impact on London will be huge, cutting journey times into central London by an average of 15 minutes. What does this mean for property?

24 February 2016

In the second half of 2015, the Government made two announcements that will fundamentally change the buy-to-let landscape: as from April 2016, investors will be subject to an additional 3% stamp duty levy and, from 2017, a reduction of tax relief on rental income will be phased in. These higher tax...

16 February 2016

The fourth quarter of 2015 saw 33% of West End homes sold higher than £2,250 psf. CBRE's latest report analyses the sales and lettings figures across the West End market towards the end of 2015...

15 February 2016

What does 2016 hold for the residential market?

14 January 2016

Help-to-Buy: the name sounds promising, doesn’t it? After all, who doesn’t want a bit of ‘help to buy’ a house? But how does it work? And what does it actually mean in terms of savings? 

14 January 2016

This report will provide insightful facts and figures into Kew and its surrounding borough. Kew is Located around 30 minutes from Waterloo and is served with good transport links. It is home to attractions such as the Royal Botanic Gardens and the beautiful Kew palace. Its boasting village feel...

14 January 2016

In this research report we discuss Putney and its surrounding towns. Putney is a picturesque riverside location surrounded by vast green spaces, which is a rarity in London. Not to mention its great transport links, making Putney ideal for the daily commuter.

08 December 2015

Outer London is starting to experience a resurgence in popularity as more people head to Zone 5 for cheaper homes with reasonable commutes. 

07 December 2015

Increased desirability of the City Fringe sees property prices rise by 62%

17 November 2015

So here’s the scoop: Iranian sanctions are due to be lifted soon. Yes, the moment the International Atomic Energy Agency verifies that Tehran has upheld its side of the bargain and restrained its nuclear program to be in line with the international agreement (JCPOA), everything changes. That day...

16 November 2015

The West End report Q3 discusses the continued strength in the market and a surge in sales on homes above £2m

05 November 2015

CBRE Residential’s Q3 Regional Development Land Report looks at the key residential markets and provides insightful commentary on the current economic backdrop predicting a future of continued and sustainable growth.

01 October 2015

Streatham is well served by public transport with trains, tubes and buses going almost anywhere in London. Currently more affordable than nearby areas of Clapham and Balham, it is definitely up and coming with new eateries and retail provision springing up on the high street.

01 September 2015

Wapping’s rich maritime history and riverside location make it one of London’s most desirable places to live and demand for homes is extremely high. This has resulted in a price premium over the wider borough which has averaged 44% over the last five years.

06 August 2015

The West End report discusses the London market which is showing robust growth for the start of 2015 

04 August 2015

In our latest regional development land report we investigate how the key land markets have been performing around the UK in Q2 2015.

15 July 2015

The property market in outer London has heated up over the last year, with average growth of 16% in 2014, according to our recent Borough by Borough report. Despite these increases, you will find many areas around the 93 tube stations in Zone 3 still have a relatively affordable housing market. 

01 July 2015

Renting in London has never been more popular; with around one million private rented households across London, renters now account for 30% of the city's homes. Since last year, this number has dramatically risen by 32% and is predicted to continue to increase by a staggering 20,000 over the next...

22 May 2015

Zone two is starting to spark interest as buyers realise the potential for growth, but which Zone 2 underground stations will give you the best bang for your buck?

15 May 2015

London has a history dating back over 2,000 years and with 8 million residents, it is one of the most diverse and vibrant cities in the world.

27 April 2015

The Regional Development Land report investigates how our key land markets have performed in Q1 2015.

31 March 2015

Our latest research, the rental revival report, reveals that the number of private renters in London has risen by 75% since 2005.

13 March 2015

This report investigates the implications of introducing a Mansion Tax, an annual tax on high-value residential properties.

09 February 2015

The Regional Development Land report gives an overview of the residential market and economy in Q4 2014

19 December 2014

CBRE's latest housing forecast has found that the UK residential market is entering a sustainable growth phase, with a lower level of transactions and price growth likely.

07 November 2014

In our latest Midtown report we take a look at the factors influencing the property market and why more people are choosing the village life that Midtown has to offer.

31 October 2014

In our latest regional land report, we examine how the key markets are performing nationally, and take an in depth look at the impact of commuters on house prices.

29 July 2014

CBRE Residential research has found that a significant rebound in house prices over the last year indicates that the housing market is now fully in recovery mode.